Roosting in the reeds

Autumn had arrived. The blistering heat of the previous week had been replaced by more seasonal temperatures, although it was still warm and a little muggy with the cloud cover. At Cranwich the monotonous grey sky, occasionally broke to reveal patches of pastel blue and the occasional ray of pale gold sunshine. The smell of … More Roosting in the reeds

Red Letter Day

For the last couple days the winds has been coming in from the East, sending birders scurrying to the coast in search of rare and vagrant birds brought over from the continent. Red-flanked blue tail, yellow-browed warblers, Isabelline shrike and Pallas’ warbler all turning up at coastal sites around Norfolk and Suffolk. To me, yes … More Red Letter Day

A Mini Roost

Dusk was falling over the reed bed at Cranwich, the sky a washed out pale blue, the hazy clouds highlighted by brilliant gold lending definition to the swirling edges. As the evening progressed the sky turned dusky pink. Once again the site is flooded, the dark water rising over the banks and creating rivers along … More A Mini Roost