We are living in challenging and unusual times, and in the space of a few weeks life has changed in so many ways. For over 6 weeks we have been in lockdown, only leaving the house for essential reasons, daily exercise or food shopping. We are now homeschooling a 4 and half year old, looking … More Lockdown

Frosty Garden, Frozen Fingers, Fabulous Feathers

The grass crunched beneath our boots. Each blade outlined by opaque crystals. A layer of ice topped the puddles of the gravel drive. The previous days rain had been caught out by a plummet in temperatures brought on by clear skies overnight. On branches of bush and tree small droplets of water were held frozen … More Frosty Garden, Frozen Fingers, Fabulous Feathers

Stars in the Garden

It was just a normal spring day in the garden, a small patch of paving surrounded by the developing green of a veggie plot, the blossoms of an apple, pear and ornamental cherry tree and the general bric-a-brac of a busy garden, bins for storage, pots, compost, wheelbarrow… The sky above is a patchwork of … More Stars in the Garden

A murmuration

The steady thwap and thwump as the fork dug into the deep brown soil rang out over the patchwork of the allotment. Working down the plot the green of grass, dandelions and other small plants gave way to the rich brown of recently turned over soil, ready for the vegetable seeds to be planted. Beyond … More A murmuration