Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018

I have taken a leap of faith. While sat at my desk a couple of weeks ago I happened across a Facebook post advertising Terra Icognita’s Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018. Sponsored by Swarovski Optik the competition calls on bloggers from around the world to put their favourite wildlife moment into the spotlight. It’s aim is to celebrate storytelling for positive change.

‘We’re seeking stories that raise awareness about our planet’s incredible wildlife and explore people’s connection with nature through travel’ Dr Nick Askew, co-founder of Terra Incognita.

While I have had so many wonderful and special moments with wildlife, there was really only ever going to be one moment that I could write about. My encounter with orcas in Canada from 2013.

Northern Resident Orca

The days I spent in that kayak exploring the waters off north west Vancouver Island with Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures were some of the best I have had. From being surrounded by 300 Pacific white-sided dolphins to giant humpback whale’s lunge feeding a short distance away. But it was the encounter with a group of orcas surfacing out of the mist that stands out as my most favourite encounter. And this was the story I would write about. But I needed to take the original post to the next level for this competition. Here is where my partnership to the World Cetacean Alliance came into its own. I contacted a partner from North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association (NIMMSA) and he was able to confirm which individual whales I saw and photographed that foggy morning. You’ll have to read my entry on the Terra Incognita website to find out more!

And so I took that leap of faith and submitted my piece to the competition. In doing so I am in the running for two awards, Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018 chosen by a panel of judges, and Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018 – Readers Choice. This second award means that anyone can vote for their favourite entry.

If anyone would like to vote for my piece – Orcas in the mist – then you simply follow the link below and vote at the bottom of the page.


Orca in the mist

Regardless of what happens now, I am excited about the future and being part of the Terra Icognita community. Co-founder Kristi Foster sums it up so much more eloquently than I could:

“Blogging engages everyone from scientists and activists to concerned citizens and youth in important issues like wildlife conservation, across cultures and continents”

“Let’s celebrate great storytelling by passionate people who will continue to educate and inspire us – sparking conversations that lead to positive change”.


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