The World Cetacean Alliance

Today (8th June) is World’s Ocean Day, a chance to celebrate the ocean and all the creatures that live within it. This year also sees the launch of the World Cetacean Alliance, a new partnership of businesses, charities and individuals dedicated to whales and dolphins. The aim is to create a network to represent these beautiful creatures and bring together all those who fight to protect them. It is only by working together that we stand a chance of saving these amazing animals.

Led by Honorary President Jean-Michel Cousteau, the partners come from all over the world, made up of experts, charities and whale watch businesses and ME! Yes the little girl who met a dolphin, fell in love and has followed her heart ever since. From whale watch guide, to researcher, to marine mammal observer, now a partner in the World Cetacean Alliance.

Rachael Barber – proud partner of the World Cetacean Alliance

I may be just one individual with a passion for whales and dolphins, but that’s the point – everyone has the right to have their say in the important decisions affecting whales and dolphins, the more people stand up and shout for whales and dolphins, the more likely we are to be heard.

The World Cetacean Alliance is the next step from the Save The Whales Reloaded campaign that was launched at WhaleFest in 2012. The partners will continue to work alongside supporters in order to unite all the people, organisations, charities and businesses who are working for cetaceans worldwide.

The founding partners of the World Cetacean Alliance from around the world

Our first aim is to identify Areas of Concern for whales and dolphins; by using a free online survey and mapping tool we want to encourage everyone, the general public, marine users, conservationists, scientists to identify an area, species, or issue that is of concern to them.

At the launch of the Save The Whales Reloaded campaign three critical issues have already been identified;

– Saving the critically endangered Maui’s dolphin in New Zealand

– Releasing the wild orca Morgan from Loro Parque in Teneriefe

– Protecting the Southern Ocean/Ross Sea from whaling and other destructive practices

Only 55 Maui’s dolphin remain – just one of the first three critical issues identifiedã Steve Dawson NABU International

Focusing on these three issues the World Cetacean Alliance intends to raise further awareness in the international community, to identify stakeholders prepared to assist us in finding solutions and to submit more evidence to the relevant authorities of the widespread concern for these.

I am so proud to be involved with the World Cetacean Alliance – I am standing side by side with people who are as passionate about whales and dolphins as I am, and who are willing to stand up and do something about it.

To find out more please visit the Save The Whales Reloaded website, here you can also take the survey and map your Area of Concern.

We can all make a difference, we just need to make our voices heard, the World Cetacean Alliance is the tool to make that happen.

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