Incredible Oceans 2017

The train rattles, clickety clack clickety clack, as it rushes towards the Capital. The scenery outside rushing by, transforms from extensive fields, meandering rivers and woodlands to neat rows of houses and industrial estates with corrugated roofs. Still I pick out geese wandering over fields, ducks wending their way along the rivers, a rush of … More Incredible Oceans 2017

WhaleFest’s Incredible Oceans at the Outdoor Show

The London ExCel centre was brimming, bustling with people, packed with stands covering everything one would need for triathlons, climbing, diving and the great outdoors. It was the Telegraph Outdoor Show. There amongst the stands offering all kinds of kit or exotic locations, amongst the charities clamouring for attention and donations, sat atop of a … More WhaleFest’s Incredible Oceans at the Outdoor Show

A Delightful Demo

The last bank holiday of the summer and it seems in keeping with the summer in general it was grey and overcast. The rain however seemed to be holding off and while it was grey it was warm enough for t-shirts and there was little wind. Perfect conditions in fact for ringing. As part of … More A Delightful Demo

WhaleFest 2015

Since crossing the Bay of Biscay my attention, energy and focus has been for WhaleFest 2015. This annual festival held in Brighton is the world’s biggest celebration of wild whales and dolphins. Since its beginnings in 2011 I have been involved with the virtual whale watch. There are not too many opportunities to go whale … More WhaleFest 2015

Sweet Release

When I first heard about the Orca Morgan’s story I was angry. Angry at those who had stolen her chance of finding her family and stolen her life. It’s not the fact that she was taken from the wild, she was alone and starving when found, it’s natural to want to help. That I understand. … More Sweet Release